Pario and Brego Partnership

Our partnership with Pario Ventures

Published: 29-10-2021

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Brego is delighted to announce our partnership with Pario Ventures - working together to move our business forward to help the industry with accurate car valuations and analytics.

Pario has successfully worked with many businesses within the automotive space including HiyaCar, Sono Motors, Fleet-e, Overland-E and many others.

David Murray-Hundley, co-founder of Pario Ventures said: “I actually first spoke to the Brego founders during lockdown in May 2020. A mutual contact Matt Stone kept me informed of progress they were making and I was impressed when we spoke again in the summer about the progress made."

Brego in 2022

As the company moves forward, we are excited to develop our much-loved product further to cover more cars with more accuracy, advance our AI and add a couple of new features we think everyone will love! We will be adding a lot more content to help as many people as possible with vehicle values - including some free advice on what cars are best to buy, which manufacturer to buy into if you're looking to minimise depreciation and much more.

2022 is looking to be a great year for Brego and we aim to make a huge impact in the industry. Keep an eye on this space and we'll keep you all updated!

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