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Automotive Finance

We work with many automotive finance companies to supply you with the most accurate residual value and depreciation data in the industry.

Our clients often provide their customers with PCP or other contracts with a final balloon payment.

Brego helps automotive finance companies provide more competitive finance packages and restoring order to their forecasting. We allow customers to integrate their own data, keeping you ahead of your competitors.

Automotive Insurance

Many of our insurance clients wish to know the value of cars at any given point so you can competitively price their packages.

We combine millions of crash statistics with pricing data to deliver data-models to our insurance customers.

Brego allows insurance companies to integrate their own data and modify the data-models to their own needs.

Automotive Dealerships

Dealerships love to have beautiful looking finance calculators for their customers.

We supply dealers with finance calculators and tooling to give their customers true value.

Brego allows automotive dealerships to integrate their own data and modify the data-models to their own needs.

Car Websites and Apps

Car listing websites and applications can give their users financial information about vehicles their customers could be interested in.

We supply APIs and Widgets that allow listing websites to get real value to their customers.

Brego has an amazing suite of well-designed APIs for any challenge a website or application provider may have.

Motorcycle Data

We have motorbike valuation data for the UK and US market.

Brego has worked with companies within the United States to provide valuation data for motorbikes.

We offer bespoke services and APIs to automotive motorcycle companies.

Consumer Finance

We work closely with consumers to secure the best possible finance deal.

Financial agreements are drawn through our partners.

Brego supplies consumers with values so they truly understand the cost of ownership.

Our Approach

How we work with you to create the best service possible

We work with you to uncover your specific requirements and go through our processes.
We integrate our products and technology straight into your business.
We integrate your data with our technology, giving you the most bespoke product in the market.