Current Vehicle Valuations

View the current value of a vehicle with multiple factors taken into account such as options, condition, colour, year, mileage and more. This tool has a tested accuracy rate of over 90% and users can search for vehicles with make and model, VIN or Registration Plate.

What does it do?

Our current valuations tools can value a vehicle given multiple factors. Options, Colour, Extras etc are all taken into account when valuing a vehicle. Users can search with a make and model, VRM or VIN in order to find the exact car you are valuing.


Find out more about this product

  • Get the current value of any vehicle given a make/model, VIN or VRM
  • Over 90% accuracy with all valuations
  • Don't lose money based off poor valuations
  • Value the cars coming into a dealership properly for trade-ins


The advantages of this product

  • Over 90% accuracy for all vehicles
  • Spectrum of vehicles included from low-market, high-production car to up-market, low-production cars.
  • Brego's Massive Dataset means you will find the car you're looking for
  • If a car isn't on our system, you can register it and we'll make it a priority to add it to our database