Buying a car?

Get insights with a Brego Valuation Report

Brego has helped countless people make informed decisions on which car to buy to suit their needs; both financially and personal taste. We are pleased to offer valuation reports, detailing month-on-month depreication and expected costs for nearly every car you can buy.

"Brego reports helped me make a more informed choice on which car to buy. Excellent and extremely friendly service!"

- Steve, Proud Ferrari Owner

Confidence in your purchase

Know your costs

The Car Buyers report will show how much your car will depreciate over the next 4-5 years, the current valuation and the best time to purchase.

You can buy your next car knowing exactly how much it will cost you in total and monthly.

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Why chose Brego

Brego is advancing the automotive industry with technology

Cutting-Edge Technology

We have worked tirelessly with machine learning experts to develop the best, banking-level prediction engine the industry has ever seen.


Through our use of technology, we achieve the highest accuracy of predictions in the industry.

Designed with Passion

We’re passionate about design and user experience. We use this passion in every tool we develop.