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Our leading product to calculate PCP agreements and see true depreciation, all with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

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Brego Insight

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Artificial Intelligence

We use artificial intelligence to accurately predict residual values as well as tell you how to achieve the best PCP deal. Methods to increase your profit or decrease the customers' monthly payment are all calculated using our Machine Learning algorithms.

Brego Service Card

Brego Service Card

Web-Based Solution

Insight allows you to easily login to use our services. No installation and no setup. Upon registration, everyone in your team will be able to use Brego to access our valuation data.

User Experience

Quick Search

Our quick search allows you to find the car you're looking for within seconds. No more messing around clicking various links or finding the right car upon hundreds of duplicates.

Brego Service Card

Brego Service Card
Getting ahead of your competition

Custom Data Integration

Are you sat on years worth of pricing data from your previous deals? You can securely integrate it with Brego to create an even more accurate product. This data is siloed so only you can access it.

Our Approach

How we work with you to create the best service possible

We work with you to uncover your specific requirements and go through our processes.
We integrate our products and technology straight into your business.
We integrate your data with our technology, giving you the most bespoke product in the market.