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How Autolend used Brego to advance their auto-decisioning tools

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Chris Bosworth

Chris Bosworth, Managing Director of Autolend

"Utilising Brego's API for valuations and vehicle data has been transformative for AutoLend. It has streamlined our operations, ensuring precision in every deal and allowed our auto-decisioning to operate with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Brego powers our confidence in every transaction, setting a new standard in the car finance industry."

Autolend uses the Brego API for vehicle data, valuations and advanced analytics

Here's how we've helped them


AutoLend, a leading lender in the automotive finance sector, sought a solution that would streamline their operations while ensuring unparalleled precision in valuations and vehicle data. Brego's cutting-edge API emerged as the transformative tool that empowered AutoLend to optimise their workflow and maintain a new industry standard of efficiency and accuracy.

Challenges Faced by AutoLend

Before integrating Brego’s API:

Fragmented Data Sources

AutoLend was dealing with a fragmented network of data sources that made it challenging to consolidate accurate vehicle valuations.

Inconsistent Valuations

The varied quality of vehicle data often resulted in inconsistent and imprecise valuations, leading to increased risks and reduced confidence. Our competitor was known for outages and inability to value certain vehicles - areas where Brego exceeds.

How Brego Delivered Solutions

Unified API Integration

Brego’s API provided AutoLend with a single source of truth by offering comprehensive vehicle data and valuations. This eliminated discrepancies and manual data consolidation.

Accurate Valuations

By leveraging advanced machine learning models trained on a vast dataset, Brego provided accurate vehicle valuations that greatly reduced uncertainty and boosted decision confidence.

Automated Decision-Making

With the seamless integration of Brego’s API, AutoLend's auto-decisioning system became fully automated. This enhanced the speed and accuracy of lending decisions, minimising human error and ensuring precise, efficient processing.

Impact on AutoLend's Operations

Operational Efficiency

The streamlined workflow reduced processing times significantly, allowing AutoLend to deliver faster approvals to their customers.

Data-Driven Confidence

The precision of Brego’s valuations empowered AutoLend to make decisions with greater certainty, reducing lending risks and improving profitability.

Market Leadership

By setting new standards in data-driven lending, AutoLend solidified its reputation as an industry leader, offering unparalleled customer service and reliable financial products.


AutoLend’s journey with Brego exemplifies how integrating state-of-the-art technology can drive significant transformation in the automotive finance industry. The API empowered AutoLend to streamline their operations, automate decision-making, and gain unprecedented confidence in their transactions. With Brego, AutoLend continues to lead the market by providing accurate, efficient, and reliable vehicle financing.

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