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How do McLaren's depreciate compared to others

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The McLaren 570s Spider in Baby Blue

McLaren is a brand known for it's powerful, British-built supercars that all surpass 200mph with a seemingly reasonable price tag (considering the competition and rival brands).

McLaren are also known for depreciating heavily throughout the years. This is somewhat due to the reliability issues that the brand are unfortunately associated.

While this is bad news for those who buy new McLarens (other than the ones lucky enough to buy the P1, Senna and Speedtail) - the used McLaren market is a great place for those looking to buy into the supercar world!

McLaren 650S

McLaren 650s in brilliant orange

The 650S is a fantastic supercar. Released in 2014 and described by Jeremy Clarkson to be "near hypercar" level and the price for this power? £200,000 when new and £110,000 now. The car has depreciated by £90,000 in 6 years which is a large amount compared to the rival cars. However, because the 650s has done the bulk of depreciation, we at Brego predict that it will only go down by maximum £20,000 in the next few years - making it one great bargin in terms of supercar ownership!

Mclaren 570s

The McLaren 570s Spider in the sunset

The 570 was released in 2015 and cost around £150,000 - you can now pick up a good example for £105,000. £45,000 of depreciation for this level of supercar isn't awful. The issue here is that 570s' have a few minor issues in the servicing department that steers people away from buying them - they then get left without being used which in-turn causes more reliability issues. If you were to pick up a good, well looked-after 570 then you'd buy your way into supercar ownership quite nicely. The 570s is due to depreciate about £25,000 more before settling.

McLaren 720s

McLaren 720S Spider in beautiful blue

Following on from the 650s, the 720s has done a fair amount of depreciation. It started life in 2017 at £208,000 and can now be picked up for £150,000 - once again, a £50,000 depreciation but in 3 years! While the 720s fixed many relability issues, by this time McLaren as a brand were unfortunately marked with the worry of supercar buyers as being unreliable. This, and the speed of which this company releases new cars which are vastly superior to the models before, is probably why the 720s has been hit in terms of depreciation.

Having said all of this, the 720s is an fantastic supercar and probably one of the most stunning pieces of engineering art the automotive world has seen. Read our post for more on this.

P1, Senna, Speedtail, LTs

These models are where McLaren takes a different form in terms of pricing and reliability. The P1 dramatically increased in price and is now usually found for well over £1m. The Speedtail by nature won't depreciate and will either keep to its value or increase in price. The Senna has stayed around the same price, but we predict it will raise in value as more collectors fetch the second hand models and more racers buy into the brand.

The LT (LongTail) models have stayed steady in value and are stunning machines as well! The new 600LT is one that will depreciate a little, but stay mostly within its current boundaries.

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