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What have we achieved and where are we going in 2020

Published: 02-01-2020

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2019 was a fantastic year for Brego. Since founding Brego in February 2019, we managed to pass through multiple business accelerators and build one of the best car valuation and deprecation tools the UK has seen!

Our customers have given some great feedback on our data stating that it's the most accurate and intelligent they have used - something that we are very proud of.

In Q4 of 2019 we added a feature our service that uses Machine Learning to further improve the accuracy of our data. So far, this system has achieved a 2% increase in accuracy.

What's new in 2020?

Brego Vision

We are pleased to announce the release of our flagship product, Brego Vision. Vision is our valuations and depreciation explorer that allows our customers to utilise our AI-driven data. Through multiple backtracking methods, we have achieved an average accuracy of over 95% and continue to improve this figure through our use of artificial intelligence.

We will be rolling Brego Vision out to our customers in the next few weeks - keep an eye out for the latest news but we'll notify you too!

Team Expansion

We are excited to say that we are expanding our team and continue to look for the best talent in the UK. Brego offers some great benefits and we aim to top the list of companies to work for within the next few years.

See our careers page for more details and to apply for our open roles.

Artificial Intelligence

Our use of AI within this sector is unrivalled but we will be continuing to enhance our services and data with AI. We can't say too much more due to the nature of our products and keeping our competitive advantage - but we're looking for top Data Scientists and AI specialists to help us out.

New Brego Branding

We are in the process of transitioning our products and business to the new improved Brego Branding. The site will be updated in the next few weeks to showcase what our products look like.


We'll be curating a list of 25 cars throughout the year that we feel are truly special. These cars will be announced throughout the year through posts just like this one!

Keep an eye out for the cars that make the list as well as the new Brego25 Page!


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