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December 19th, 2022

Alternative Valuation Providers to Cazoo Data Services (Cazana)

Alternatives to Cazana/ Cazoo Data Services

There are a few vehicle data and valuation providers out there. Cazoo acquired Cazana back in 2021 and it was made part of Cazoo Data Services. Recently, Cazoo has announced that they intend to focus on the core of their business and there has been a few new valuation providers on the scene; we're going to compare them here.

Cazana, now Cazoo Data Services did a good job at disrupting the valuation market with technology. Their clients frequently testified to how the software changed their businesses. But what if you either can't sign up to Cazoo Data Services or would like to see the alternatives? There are a few UK-based valuation providers and some offer vast advantages over others.


Brego is the most tech-focused in the list, using AI extensively to achieve a high accuracy. With a mission to be the most accurate and forward thinking, Brego works with clients to develop beautiful, bespoke solutions to the valuation and vehicle data problem.

Brego offers valuations via a web-based Platform and API for customers wanting a more bespoke solution.

Some of Brego's advantages and features:

* Extremely accurate valuations among all vehicle types.

* Can value any type of vehicle due to the use of AI.

* Ability to value Supercars, electric cars, luxury, hyper cars, mass market and many more.

* Extensive dataset of vehicles means that Brego can value many cars out-the-box.

* Tech-based approached means that their pricing is simple and service is high.

* TCO, Co2 Calculations and many more features for finance companies, insurance companies and dealerships.


CAP are one of the largest valuation and vehicle data providers in the UK. They are the most used provider and owned by Solera. CAP states the following about their accuracy "60% of vehicles are valued within 10% of the trade selling price at cap hpi". CAP found success by being the first to provide a digital valuation system.

CAP has some good advantages:

* CAP has a large dataset of cars.

* They fuel valuations for many businesses in the UK.

* CAP has been going for many years.

* They have 60% accuracy, going on the quote above.

* CAP Codes (vehicle IDs that CAP has created) are widely used.


Glasses was one of the original valuations provider (they started collecting car data in 1933); giving out a physical valuations book in the early days of the company. Since then though, it has digitalised and is actively used within a good few UK automotive businesses.

Glasses Guide is used for a number of good reasons:

* History - Glasses guide was one of the first valuation providers.

* Available data - Glasses have good TCO data.

Other Valuation Providers

There are several other businesses that focus on vehicle data and also provide valuations such as UK Vehicle Data and Experian.

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