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Our four pillars that make up our Brego culture

Published: 18-12-2019

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Here at Brego, we believe that values are extremely important. Our aim is to truly disrupt the automotive industry and without core values, that isn't possible.

Company values provide a guideline for all folks at Brego when making a decision and help hold themselves accountable for those decisions by asking one question: does this decision reflect our values?

Brego is set upon four pillars that allow us to keep focused and effectively manage the company.

So what are our values?

We have four core business values that we uphold for our clients and employees that lead our development, communication and direction:


We want people to be free in their decisions and accountable for their actions. There's no "because the boss said so" here and every decision you take, you'll be doing so based on your knowledge and experience - we're only here to help!


We love technology and new ideas and we expect that our clients and employees have the same passion. Brego is an AI Tech Company and without innovation, we simply wouldn't be here.

People over Process

We want people to think for themselves, not constantly be told what to do. Everyone in Brego has been hired because they are intelligent, self-motivating people. See our available jobs for more detail.


We want people to imagine what can be done and pitch ideas to us constantly. Brego will be a hub of automotive ideas, forcing the industry into a new state that embraces technology. Truly disrupting the automotive and tech industry!

If you'd like to learn more about Brego or apply to one of our open roles, see the Careers page for more information.


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