Brego is Live

A proud announcement

Published: 01-05-2019

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We are proud to announce that we have released Brego out into the wild to be used by all.

Brego uses artificial intelligence to predict the depreciation and ownership costs of cars. You can search for a car by the manufacturer name or by its’ features and then view the depreciation graph and ownership costs on the car page. We run several lists of cars that meet certain criteria to show the power of our search engine, so you can see cars that have over 300bhp but cost less than £30,000.

For our consumers, all this information is free. We would love to find the right car for you so if you’re interested in purchasing or would like to discuss buying a car, contact us!

For our business customers, the data is provided by our APIs and can be easily integrated into your site or system. Contact us for more information.

We hope you enjoy using Brego, we’d love to hear your feedback! Visit for more information.


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