News / Brego Launches Bespoke ‘Dealer Platform’ for Real-Time Vehicle Valuations & Market Intelligence
March 1st, 2024

Brego Launches Bespoke ‘Dealer Platform’ for Real-Time Vehicle Valuations & Market Intelligence

Brego-Dealer Released

Brego Launches Bespoke ‘Dealer Platform’  for Real-Time Vehicle Valuations & Market Intelligence

  • Brego-Dealer, driven by Artificial Intelligence, brings next level accuracy in trade and retail vehicle valuations, including cars, vans, motorcycles and motorhomes.
  • A platform developed by Brego specifically for automotive dealerships, it provides comprehensive dealer and market analysis to help dealers with strategic planning, with all the tools to stay competitive.
  • Tools include a Generative AI Advert Builder, automatically creating adverts in seconds.
  • Dealers have 24/7 access to real-time data as a web-based subscription service.

Brego, the brand pioneering technology for vehicle valuations and automotive data, has launched a tailored solution for dealerships. Brego-Dealer, driven by the industry’s most advanced artificial intelligence, is an innovative platform that has been developed by Brego specifically for auto-dealers, to deliver an unparalleled level of accuracy for both trade and retail vehicle valuations. The Brego-Dealer platform also provides an exceptional depth of market analytical data to support dealerships with their strategic planning with useful tools and insights to optimise sales performance.

Brego-Dealer provides real-time data, that is proving to be more accurate than any other valuations provider in the UK for both trade and retail valuations, with clients already reporting that “it is superior to anything they have used before.” Vehicle valuation and market data spans cars, vans, motorcycles and motorhomes. A cost-effective and flexible web-based subscription service, Brego-Dealer is accessible for all sizes of dealerships. 

Brego’s technology with AI, deep learning and data modelling has been developed from the ground up specifically for the automotive industry, and has been recognised by Innovate UK. It uses a huge dataset containing hundreds of millions of datapoints, a sophisticated vehicle matching algorithm and a robust validation process making it one of the most high-tech solutions currently in the UK vehicle valuations space. While the technology is advanced, the Brego-Dealer platform is intuitive and user-friendly, with easy and convenient 24/7 access. 

For dealers, the platform provides access to powerful industry data helping businesses such as car dealerships gain a strategic advantage. Real-time valuations include trade-in values, retail values and predicted profits, including the average time it takes to sell a like-for-like model. 

The Generative AI Advert Builder is another useful feature, creating adverts that describe the car being sold in seconds, while also giving users an understanding of where the vehicle stands in the current retail market. There is also comprehensive vehicle information, and the ability to see other adverts based on Similar Listings.  

Dealer Analytics enables clients to view their own performance, with the ability to make comparisons with competitors, with very refined search criteria to view specific dealers, or by geographical location. This real-time data delivers analytics for over 13,000 UK dealerships, showing information relating to sales revenue, unit sales, stock, and the length of time it takes to sell a vehicle. 

Another key attribute of Brego-Dealer includes Market and Vehicle Analytics. This provides real-time market updates, as well as data showing how manufacturers and specific models are performing in the market, drilling down to fuel type analysis, the most popular (and unpopular) colours, as well as ‘desirability’ ratings. 

Simon Hunt, Co-Founder and CEO of Brego says: “We are delighted to introduce this tailored solution for dealers, which we truly believe generates the most accurate vehicle valuation data in the UK. This has evolved from the excellent client feedback we have received in response to our established Brego vehicle valuations platform. The analytical data and market insights are tools that we have developed to help dealerships accurately strategize their future to help them stay competitive and profitable in their field.”

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About Brego

Brego is a vehicle valuations and automotive data services business. Brego was established in 2019 by Philip and Simon Hunt, who combined their skills and experience in big data, data science and backend technologies to develop the most accurate high-tech vehicle valuations solution in the UK. These solutions include the Platform and API, while offering a vast range of data services to Finance Providers, Car Dealerships, Fleet and Leasing companies, Motor Insurers, and Automotive Manufacturers. Brego has always had the vision of moving industries forward with technology, with machine learning and artificial intelligence at the heart of the business. Brego was awarded an Innovate UK grant in December 2020 and recruits a team of data scientists and AI specialists, developing fresh approaches to age-old challenges. 


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