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July 31st, 2020

Brego Origin Story

Where the name comes from

Brego Horse

Brego - Origins

Brego started life as a data science project exploring if you could find a car based on the future depreciation of its' value. It has now become an advanced AI technology company, specialising in data modelling, valuations and future predictions at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence. Read more on that here.

But for many months, the project didn't have a name until the founders thought about an old favourite film of theirs.

Lord of the Rings means a great deal to a great many people, but to us it's special due to the existence of a character. There is a scene where the future king, Aragorn, finds an unruly horse panicking in a stable. The horse belonged to another character who fell in a battle and was so emotionally hurt by this that he refused to accept another owner. Aragorn then calms the horse and sets him free, declaring that he "has seen enough of war". Later in the film the horse rescues Aragorn and stays with him for nearly the duration of the films.

The horse and Aragorn formed an emotional connection with one another (much like the connection of car lovers and their cars) and the whole story was one of heart over head.. the horse really should have just run free but decided to come and save it's new owner!

Apparently, Viggo Mortensen loved the horse so much that he purchased it after filming. The horse represents a bond, honour, companionship and hope; all while being a totem of the automotive industry.

The horses name is of course, Brego.

We're proud to be named after Brego and while he was never mentioned as a horses name by Tolkien (the name from the films came from an older King's name) - it represents the two co-founders of our company well. If you're interested to find out more, feel free to contact us, we'd love to hear from you!

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