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September 29th, 2023

Cazana vs Brego - Cazana Alternatives

Why Our AI-Based Vehicle Valuations Stand Out - A Comparative Overview with Cazana

Why Our AI-Based Vehicle Valuations Stand Out: A Comparative Overview with Cazana


The recent departure of Cazana's valuation product from the market has left companies and clients in search of reliable alternatives. As you evaluate your options, understanding what sets our service apart in terms of accuracy and coverage can help you make an informed decision. In this article, we discuss how our platform and API compares and excels beyond the services formerly provided by Cazana.

Comprehensive Feature Set

Matching and Surpassing Cazana's Offerings

Our platform offers an extensive array of features that match and often surpass what Cazana offered. Whether your focus is vehicle finance, insurance, sales, or trading as a dealership, our AI-based system is tailored to meet a variety of industry-specific needs.

Technological Edge: Neural Networks vs. Decision Trees

Cazana’s Approach

Cazana employed a machine learning approach based on decision trees to perform their vehicle valuations. While effective for general cases, decision trees may lack the nuanced capability to handle vehicles with sparse data points such as new releases, electric vehicles, and luxury cars.

Brego's Neural Network Advantage

In contrast, the Brego platform utilises advanced Neural Networks, which are particularly effective for vehicles that don't have an abundance of data. Neural Networks are capable of recognising intricate patterns and making informed predictions even when dealing with sparse or complex data sets. It also means our vehicle valuations are stronger in the markets where a lot of data can be found and we can value anything from the mass market vehicles to high-end supercars.

Why This Matters

The automotive landscape is continuously evolving with the advent of electric vehicles, luxury models, and new releases. Our Neural Network technology ensures that we can offer accurate valuations across the board, filling gaps where other models like decision trees might falter.

We offer car, motorbike, van and motorhome valuations in both the UK and Ireland.

Accuracy: The Core of Our Valuations

Back Testing and Real-Time Comparisons

Accuracy isn't just a buzzword; it's a key metric we continually refine. Our methods involve back testing and real-time comparisons against actual advert prices, allowing us to adapt and offer valuations that you can rely upon.

Extensive Vehicle Coverage

More Is Indeed Better

We pride ourselves on offering a more comprehensive list of vehicles compared to Cazana. Whether dealing with passenger cars, commercial vehicles, or specialised machinery, our database is likely to provide accurate and reliable valuations.

Brego's Platform

We pride ourselves in offering reliable, accurate, and extensive valuations. With a cutting-edge Neural Network approach, much higher accuracy and a broader scope of vehicles covered, we aren't just an alternative; we are an upgrade.

If you are a former Cazana client looking for a new solution, or anyone in need of precise vehicle valuations, we invite you to explore what sets our platform apart. Reach out to us for a personalised demo or to learn more about how our advanced AI-based vehicle valuation system can meet your needs.

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