How much does it cost to own a Ferrari 458?

Buying a supercar is expensive, but just how expensive?

Published: 23-05-2019

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Ferrari 458

You might think that owning a Ferrari is outrageously expensive, unobtainable unless you own £6,000,000 worth of real estate.

Using real-world figures, Brego accurately predicts the depreciation and ownership costs of running any car. Here we can see the current value (to buy and to sell) and then the depreciation.

Brego - 458 Depreciation Graph

So as you can see, owning the Ferrari in terms of depreciation would cost would just over £15,000. In this current model, we assume the very worst conditions. When changing those variables, that figure is significantly less.

But what about ownership costs? How much will it actually cost to run?

Brego - 458 Ownership Costs

So if you had the option to purchase everything, warranty, servicing costs and petrol etc - it would cost you about £11,000 a year to run the car. This also assumes a somewhat high estimate of insurance, servicing and warranty. Without those, it comes to £2,000 a year for running costs.

So at best, you’re looking at about £9,000 a year in running costs and depreciation. Now while that sounds like a lot, let’s put it this way - if you had the money to buy outright, to rent a Ferrari would only cost £25 a day..

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