The Rise of Windowless Hyper-cars

Are Ferrari and McLaren onto something?

Published: 15-11-2019

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Black McLaren Evla Rear

McLaren Elva

McLaren have just released a new ultimate-series car, the Elva. This beautiful sculpture is their first attempt at a modern, open top, no window supercar - and have they done a great job at it!

McLaren have managed to create a system that provides a "relative ‘bubble’ of calm", which would normally be provided by glass, by shaping the wind around the vehicle.

Only 399 examples will be made, and they start at just over £1.4 million. But the experience you get for that money.. one can only imagine. In McLaren's words:

A car that needs no destination. Or racetrack. Created to deliver nothing but the purest possible driving experience. Uncompromised pleasure. The McLaren Elva… born to heighten every sense and build the closest connection between driver, car and the elements. Impossibly light. Intoxicatingly powerful. Split-second agility. 

And that sums up why this car was made, but we'll go into that in just a second.

McLaren Elva Side in Black

Ferrari SP1 & SP2

Ferrari SP2 Side in Black

Ferrari recently released two versions of a similar car, the SP1 which is a single seater racer and SP2 which, as the name suggests, is the two seater variation of the same vehicle. The Ferrari boasts similar speed and acceleration times - and one could argue that it's equally visually stunning!

Ferrari SP1 in Silver and Yellow

Why now?

Both manufacturers have obviously been working on these cars for years and yet both have come up with a similar platform for their customers. But why have both of these cars been released in a time where we want our cars to do everything? The reason is car purists. Car lovers of this world know that the perfect car consists of two things: power and lightness. Combine these two, and magical things begin to happen; steering becomes a joy, sensation is raised and the experience of driving is changed dramatically.

The Alfa Romeo 4C showed us the same - they removed weight and powered it with a relatively small engine, but the effects were that it could keep up with some of the most sporty contenders!

We're all after the perfect driving machine and with the rise of electric cars, these may well be the some of the last of the pure petrol-powered driver-focused supercars. But, even when hybrids come - hopefully they're as great looking as these two!

Images courtesy of the press releases of both manufacturers. With thanks to McLaren and Ferrari.


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