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The Brego Platform

Our web-based platform is designed to give instant access to our data which is the UK's most accurate valuations and vehicle data.

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The Brego Platform

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Our customers love our Platform. It was designed with experience in mind and tested throughout the years to make an award winning product.

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Real-time Valuations with Brego's state-of-the-art deep-learning

Brego Platform harnesses the power of advanced deep learning to deliver highly accurate real-time vehicle valuations. Our cutting-edge models continuously process vast datasets from the automotive market, including historical sales data, vehicle specifications, and current market trends. This seamless integration ensures that our users have access to the most up-to-date valuations, enabling precise assessments whether you're buying, selling, or financing vehicles.

Our platform's deep learning algorithms adapt to the nuances of changing market dynamics, making accurate predictions even for niche models. By leveraging real-time data, you can confidently make critical decisions with reduced risk and increased profitability. With the Brego Platform, benefit from intelligent insights and stay ahead in the fast-paced automotive market with unparalleled valuation accuracy.

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Real-Time Market and Dealer Analytics

The Brego Platform equips automotive businesses with comprehensive real-time market and dealer analytics. Our platform gathers and analyses data from a vast network of sources, providing immediate insights into pricing trends, dealership inventory levels, and competitive positioning. By accessing live analytics, dealers can instantly understand their standing in the market, identify growth opportunities, and make strategic decisions to maximise profitability.

These analytics also enable you to benchmark your performance against industry averages, spot emerging market trends, and optimise inventory pricing. Whether you're a dealership aiming to stay competitive or a lender seeking to assess market dynamics, the Brego Platform ensures you have the insights needed to navigate the ever-evolving automotive landscape with precision and confidence.

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True Support

We prioritise fast and effective communication to ensure you are always in the loop. Unlike our competitors, who often leave you waiting for responses, we believe in maintaining a constant line of communication with our clients.

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Our platform is designed with an in-built live chat feature, allowing you to connect directly with the Brego Team whenever you need assistance or have questions. This real-time interaction ensures that your queries are addressed promptly, minimising any disruptions to your workflow.

Product Updates

In addition to our live chat, we provide regular product updates, keeping you informed about the latest features, improvements, and innovations we are working on. These updates not only enhance your experience with our platform but also demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement and transparency.

No other valuation and analytics provider can match our level of communication and customer engagement. With Brego, you can trust that you will always be kept up to date and well-supported, ensuring you get the most out of our services.

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In independent testing, Brego was proven to offer the most comprehensive and accurate data in the automotive valuation market. Our platform utilises sophisticated machine learning algorithms and a vast database to deliver precise insights across all vehicle segments. Whether you're optimising pricing or assessing risk, you can trust Brego's data to guide you with unparalleled accuracy and help you make confident, data-driven decisions.

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