Claims and Point of Quote

Empower Your Insurance Operations with Accurate Risk Assessment and Valuations

Brego provides insurance professionals with the tools needed to deliver precise risk assessments and efficient claims processing. Our platform harnesses advanced AI models and an expansive vehicle database to provide accurate valuations, comprehensive history checks, and real-time market insights. With Brego, claims handlers and underwriters can confidently assess risk, detect potential fraud, and ensure that every claim and policy quote is priced accurately. Optimise your insurance operations with Brego’s data-driven solutions.

Point-of-quote customers have access to the most advanced API for vehicle data and valuations.


Claims Handling

Brego’s platform equips claims handlers with accurate valuations and vehicle history checks to streamline claims processing. Our comprehensive reports identify crucial details like prior accidents, write-offs, and outstanding finance, helping insurers detect potential fraud and assess damages more effectively. With real-time insights, claims are resolved more quickly and accurately, ensuring fair settlements and minimising disputes.

Brego API

Point-of-Quote Underwriting

For point-of-quote insurance, Brego provides underwriters with the precision needed to tailor policies to individual risk profiles. By accessing our extensive vehicle data and predictive analytics, underwriters can set premiums that reflect accurate market valuations and depreciation trends. This helps insurers avoid underpricing or overcharging, resulting in more consistent risk assessment and higher customer satisfaction.

Brego Insurer

Risk Management

Brego’s predictive analytics enable insurance professionals to make data-driven decisions when managing their portfolios. Our platform analyses market trends, residual values, and historical data to identify emerging risks and changing patterns. This insight allows insurers to adjust their underwriting strategies, reducing exposure to high-risk segments while capitalising on growth opportunities in the market.

Brego Insurer

Customer Service Enhancement

With Brego’s fast and accurate data delivery, insurance companies can provide better customer service by reducing claim processing times and offering competitive quotes. This efficiency enhances client trust and loyalty, helping insurers maintain a positive reputation and attract new business. Ultimately, Brego enables insurers to deliver a seamless customer experience in every interaction.