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Discover tailored valuation solutions that drive success for businesses and consumers alike. At Brego, we combine advanced technology with deep industry knowledge to provide accurate and reliable vehicle valuations. Whether you're a business aiming to enhance your operations or an individual ensuring you get the best deal, our solutions are designed to empower you with informed, data-driven decisions.

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We have a variety of products to solve complex automotive problems. From advanced AI-driven valuations to market analytics and modelling for manufacturers.

For Dealerships, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions and More

Optimise Your Inventory

Leverage our comprehensive valuation tools to manage your inventory more efficiently, reduce costs, and increase your sales velocity.

Accurate Risk Assessment

Utilise our precise vehicle evaluations to streamline claims processing, assess vehicle values accurately, and mitigate risk.

Smarter Lending Decisions

Enhance your vehicle loan services with our dependable valuation data, helping you set appropriate loan amounts and manage risk intelligently.


We have the most accurate and technologically advanced vehicle valuations system on earth. Trained to use over 1.2 billion datapoints, it is the only one of its kind.

Our cutting-edge valuation solutions deliver unmatched accuracy and reliability for every type of vehicle. By leveraging advanced AI and machine learning models, we analyze extensive data to provide comprehensive, real-time insights that empower automotive businesses to make confident, data-driven decisions. Our meticulously curated database, containing hundreds of thousands of vehicle listings and historical transactions, ensures that our assessments reflect the most current market trends.

From dealerships optimizing their inventory to lenders and insurers assessing risk, our valuation tools are designed to provide precise market valuations. They adapt seamlessly to different vehicle segments, whether it's a common sedan or an exotic luxury model. With the ability to analyse depreciation trends and tailor valuations to specific business needs, Brego enables you to stay ahead of the competition by making smarter, more informed decisions.

Platform Valuations

Comprehensive Coverage

Brego stands out in the automotive industry with the most comprehensive vehicle data and valuation coverage available. Our advanced database encompasses a broader range of vehicles than any competitor, from mass-market sedans to rare high-end luxury models. We meticulously gather data from a vast array of sources, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information on every make, model, and variant.

By utilising Brego’s data, automotive businesses can access reliable valuations for virtually any vehicle, regardless of type, age, or condition. This unprecedented coverage allows lenders, dealerships, and insurers to confidently assess the value of their entire inventory or lending portfolio. With our AI-powered platform, you can easily compare similar vehicles on the market, analyse historical listings, and identify accurate depreciation trends, empowering you to make smarter decisions.

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The most advanced Platform available

Our web-based Platform beats the competition in functionality, design and performance. Explore how we can help today.

The Brego Platform

Comprehensive Risk Analysis

Brego’s extensive access to vehicle data provides insurers, dealers, and lenders with unparalleled insights into risk analysis.

Risk analysis

For Insurers

Accurately assess claims and reduce fraud by tapping into our database of vehicle history, previous damage reports, and other critical risk indicators. Brego's platform ensures that each claim is evaluated with precision, leading to optimized premiums and reduced loss ratios.

For Dealers

Avoid overvaluing inventory and minimise financial exposure by using our platform’s data to identify market trends and pricing shifts. Our predictive tools help you make informed decisions about acquisitions and sales, reducing the risk of depreciation losses.

For Lenders

Gain confidence in loan approvals by accessing detailed vehicle valuations and history reports. Our AI-driven platform helps you predict depreciation rates and accurately assess residual values, ensuring smarter lending decisions with minimised default risks.