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We are here to help bring the automotive industry into the future with extensive use of artificial intelligence and technology.

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Founded by Brothers

Brego was founded by two brothers, Simon and Philip Hunt. With extensive experience in tech companies, they built Brego to bring updated technology to a market where only basic machine learning was being used. Fueled by their shared vision and passion for innovation, they saw the opportunity to leverage advanced artificial intelligence and data science to revolutionise vehicle valuations.

Drawing on their years of expertise, Simon and Philip meticulously assembled a team of like-minded professionals dedicated to solving complex problems in the automotive industry. Their goal was to challenge the status quo and create a platform that would empower automotive businesses and consumers alike with highly accurate, data-driven insights.

Today, Brego continues to thrive under their leadership, remaining at the forefront of technological advancements. Their unwavering commitment to innovation ensures that Brego's solutions are continuously refined and adapted to meet the evolving needs of their diverse customer base. By fostering a culture of collaboration and relentless curiosity, the company has transformed the way vehicle valuations are conducted, setting a new standard in the industry.

Simon and Philip Hunt

Our vision

Five years on, we have a team of exceptionally talented, tech-focused individuals, and we aim to deliver even more amazing products that our customers love. Our vision is to continue pioneering the automotive valuation industry by combining cutting-edge artificial intelligence with user-friendly platforms and seamless API integration. By harnessing the power of big data and machine learning, we empower businesses and individuals to make smarter, data-driven vehicle decisions.

We believe in relentless innovation, ensuring that our solutions remain ahead of market trends and evolving customer needs. Together, we're building a future where accurate, accessible vehicle valuation information enables transparent, confident transactions across every automotive sector.

Join us on this journey to transform the industry, one innovative solution at a time.

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We're a team of tech-driven people who strive to change the automotive industry for the better. Join us and be a part of that journey.

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